The Full Stack NetYCE platform is the perfect choice when you require flexibility and agility with lots of room to grow.

In the video series below, Pieter explains the components of the platform:

  • Intro
  • Network Automation Challenges
  • Configuration Management
  • Network Compliance
  • Network Automation
  • Intent-based Networking
  • The Platform itself
  • Conclusion


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When we started NetYCE, our vision was to create a Full-Stack network automation platform.  We learned that often the biggest challenge is not the tools, but the integrations between them. 

With this open platform we provide the best of both worlds: it allows any process to be automated irrespective of network vendor, design or use case. Full transparency and easy to maintain by network engineers with minimal coding expertise.


When we speak with customers we often hear:

What is the best strategy to achieve immediate benefits?
Which tool to use? Shall we go open-source, choose a vendor application or an automation platform?
How do we make sure we don’t create a single point of failure.

Network Automation Challenges

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Config Management

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Configuration Management is the foundation for network automation. And the good thing: it's no rocket science: it’s a matter of turning it on and let the platform know how to reach your devices. Then sit back and everything else will go automatically.



Approaching your network challenges from a compliance perspective can be very beneficial. With Network Compliance, you check the network more proactively and on a deeper level than with only monitoring. Monitoring software tells you when devices are up or down, or go beyond a certain threshold, but it does not tell you the actual configuration state and if it is compliant with the way you designed it to be.

Network Compliance

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Network Automation

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We believe Network Automation is more than just automatically configure your devices. To really benefit from it, you need to make sure it is anchored in your organisation.

A basic functionality that every automation platform needs is a way to automatically deploy a configuration. We call this automation jobs, it’s like a runbook of what is going to happen on the device.
You prepare, test plan and deploy your runbook when and how you want. You can schedule it, manually deploy it or even chain it with other jobs to include conditionals about how en when it should be activated.



To truly deploy your network as you intended it, you need to store any possible information about your inventory. So not only configuration information but also software versions, VLAN numbers, port information etc. Based on this single source of truth you can implement intent-based networking.

Intent-based Networking

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The Full-Stack Platform

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The NetYCE platform is not an application, so it's the perfect choice when you require flexibility and agility with lots of room to grow. It is Full Stack, which means it comes out-of- the-box with extensive built-in functionality for configuration management, advanced monitoring and standard automation use cases. It also offers intent-based automation and the flexibility to implement your own logic and design rules. It's fully API-driven, open and easy to maintain.



As every network is unique, the NetYCE platform is the perfect choice when you require flexibility and agility with lots of room to grow. It comes out-of- the-box with extensive built-in functionality, but it also offers the flexibility to implement your own logic, design rules and processes to build any use case you like. Basically, it combines the best of both worlds so you can start immediately and build from there.


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